Federal Desktop Core Configuration Compliance Information

Welcome to FDCC Compliance .com. This site brings you the latest information on FDCC compliance as well as practical suggestions on how to most easily meet and maintain adherence to the FDCC standard. While many Federal agencies have begun to deploy initial FDCC assessment programs, many more are struggling with the challenges of designing the most efficient processes to meet the OMB's reporting and compliance requirements while not impacting their existing compliance, security and operations programs.

Just as important, we'll cover best practices on ensuring that once you have achieved FDCC compliance, how you can easily ensure that your desktop systems remain compliant. We'll also look at ways to extend the approach to servers and hosts, to help reduce cost and decrease risk of attacks through mis-configuration.

Also on this site you'll find whitepapers and information from a number of sources on both the present state of the FDCC standard, FDCC compliance, and how to leverage FDCC to reduce costs even if you're not a Federal government agency.

SCAP-Validated Vendor

NetIQ is an SCAP-validated vendor.
FDCC Compliance Tips
Identify the roles for your organization
Each asset has a function within your organization. Group like assets together based on their functions to determine their roles. Typical organizations may have dozens of roles for their systems. However, the more roles you have, the greater the challenge to maximize savings. It is imperative that the number of roles be reduced to the minimum needed.
More Tips
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